Field Notes

Practical Guides for Archaeological Conservation and Site Preservation

Field Notes is a series of essays written by professional conservators and archaeologists. They are intended for archaeologists, conservatrors and students as resource guides for the stabilization and preservation of excavated materials and archaeological sites.

Field Notes is jointly supported by the Edward Waldo Forbes Fund of the Freer Gallery of Art, Smithsonian Institution, and Foundation For Cultural Heritage And Art Research in Japan.

Project Coordinator: Glenn Wharton; Translator: Hande Kökten Ersoy; Review Committee: Hande Kökten Ersoy, Jessica S. Johnson, Claire Peachey

These articles are provided for non-commercial research and education use. Not for reproduction, distribution or commercial use.

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Number 11
Conservatin of Metal Artifacts on Archaeological Sites

Glenn Wharton and Doç. Dr. Hande Kökten Ersoy

Number 12
Conservatin of Ceramic Artifacts on Archaeological Sites

Donna Strahan and Julie Unruh

Number 13
Conservatin of Stone Artifacts on Archaeological Sites

Hiroko Kariya and Axel Nielsen

Number 14
Conservatin of Unfired Earth Artifacts on Archaeological Sites

Kendra E. Roth and C. Mei-An Tsu

Number 15
Conservatin of Wood and Plant Materials on Archaeological Sites

Krysia Spirydowicz

Number 16
Conservatin of Bone, Ivory & Antler Artifacts on Archaeological Sites

Krysia Spirydowicz and Latif Özen

Number 17
Conservatin of Leather & Textile Artifacts on Archaeological Sites

Latif Özen and Krysia Spirydowicz

Number 18
Conservatin of Mosaics on Archaeological Sites

Kent Severson and Doç. Dr. Hande Kökten Ersoy

Number 19
Conservatin of Wall Paintings on Archaeological Sites

Kent Severson

Number 20
Conservatin of Marine Finds

Kathy Hall, Tuba Ekimekçi and Asaf Oron