Study Sessions


Field Courses

In 2015, the Japanese Institute of Anatolian Archaeology will hold field courses on archaeology and archaeobotany.

Conservation Laboratory

Annual Schedule 2015

Monday, 27th April - Saturday, 13th June
7th Büklükale Excavation Survey
Monday, 22nd June - Saturday, 5th September
30th Kaman-Kalehöyük Excavation Survey
Wednesday, 8th July - Saturday, 11th July
Archaeobotany Fieldcourse
Monday, 3rd August - Saturday, 15th August
Archaeology Field Course
Monday, 24th August - Saturday, 31st October
7th Yassıhöyük Excavation Survey
Monday, 2nd November - Saturday, 21st November
Archaeological General Survey in Kırşehir and Yozgat prefectures
26th Research Debrief Session and Conference on Survey in Turkey in 2015