JIAA Archaeobotany Field Course July 2020

In July 2020 the JIAA will host its biennial archaeobotany field course. Taught by Dr Rhona Fenwick and Professor Andrew Fairbairn (both The University of Queensland, Australia), the course introduces students to the theory and practice of analysing plant remains from archaeological sites to understand ancient economy, environment and socio-political change. Topics covered include sampling, establishing and using flotation systems, identification, quantification and analysis of plant remains, focusing on seed and fruit assemblages. The ongoing research of the JIAA on Bronze and Iron Age cultures will act as a case study for the course. The field course is practically focused, and students will work on the JIAA flotation machine and on microscopes in the archaeobotany laboratory.

Proposed dates:

14-18th July 2020

Instruction language:



US$250 includes tuition, accommodation and food

The JIAA is located near Kaman in Kirsehir Province, central Turkey and has regular buses to Ankara (2 hours).