Archaeological Conservation Student Internships


The Japanese Institute of Anatolian Archaeology (JIAA) expedition is seeking one or two conservation student interns for the month of July 2020. Priority will be given to students currently enrolled in a conservation program and those with little to no experience with archaeological conservation. Students must be fluent in the English language. In 2009 excavation of two new mound sites commenced, Yassıhöyük and Büklükale, located approximately 20 to 30 km from Kaman in Central Anatolia, in addition to Kalehöyük which has been ongoing since 1986. The primary cultural levels are Hittite, Phrygian, and Islamic. Interns have the opportunity to participate in an active conservation program that emphasizes fieldwork, hands-on treatment in the conservation laboratory of many different materials and artifacts from excavation, preventive approaches to archaeological conservation, and research.

The 4-week internship runs between the dates July 6 to August 1, 2020. The excavation provides a stipend of $ US 40 per day, based on a six day workweek. Students participate in the everyday conservation activities of the field lab. A well-equipped field lab and comfortable living facilities compensate the long workday (starting at 5:00 am). Students have the opportunity to collaborate with an international team of archaeologists, osteoarchaeologists, archaeobotanists, etc. English is the primary language at the site. Students are requested to cover the cost of their room and board (10$ per day, 7 days per week), all transportation costs, and visa (varies with nationality).

Interns carry out a research project that begins prior to arriving at the site. Depending on the project developed between the intern and the Conservation Director, this first phase may consist of a literature review. The research provides an opportunity to gain familiarity with the site prior to arrival, and contributes in a beneficial way to our conservation program. A practical component of the research is designed into each project to be implemented at the JIAA. The research results in a formal report submitted to the excavation’s journal, Anatolian Archaeological Studies, published by the Japanese Institute of Anatolian Archaeology, to be completed by October 31, 2020.

Applicants should email a Curriculum Vitae, a short letter of interest, and names and EMAIL ADDRESSES for three professional references by November 15, 2019. Questions concerning the internship should be sent by email. Interns will be selected by November 25, 2019 at which time visa applications must be submitted.(Last update, 17 Oct.)

Alice Boccia Paterakis,PhD
Director of Conservation
Kaman-Kalehöyük, Yassıhöyük, and Büklükale, Excavations
Japanese Institute of Anatolian Archaeology